Will you survive watching The Cure Of La Llorona? Movie review

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“La Llorona”-The weeping woman. A ghastly ghost, stuck between heaven and hell, caught in a terrible fate to which she leaded herself. Just mentioning her name is enough to scare people around the world for generations. When she was alive, she drowned her children in a burst of jealousy, then threw herself into the river following them as she sobbed. Her tears are eternal. They are deadly, and those who hear her cry of death at night are doomed to constant suffering. La Llorona lurks in the shadows and takes care of the children, desperate to replace them with hers.

Over the centuries, her lust had grown. And the methods it uses are becoming more frightening. One social worker, who ignores the warnings of a mother suspected of endangering her children, is thrown with her small children into a frightening supernatural dimension. Their only hope of surviving the mortal fury of La Llorona may be a clever priest along with the mystical methods he uses to keep evil away and guarded, at points where fear and faith meet.

Will you survive watching The Cure Of La Llorona? Movie review
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