Will Shazam save DC’s reputation? Shazam movie review

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After a series of dark and gloomy films and a number of failures among critics and even box office flops , it’s time for  something slightly different. From the first trailer, it was clear that “Shazam” is a completely different direction. Lighter, funnier and colorful… Some will say almost Marvell’s movie?!

“Shazam!” Feels like a movie from the 1990s. Not like Captain Marvel, which happens in the ’90s – “Shazam!” is happening in our time. It feels like a Christmas movie written and directed  20-30 years ago, in a positive sense. There is something very simple and naive in movies from the period, whether comic or other adventure movies – there is a hero to win, there is a complex villain that must lose, and there are immortal values ​​like “friendship” or “family” promoted by the film and necessary for the success of the hero.

The story is a mix of good and evil. The bad thing is what makes the story childish. “Shazam!” Is a very innocent film. Billy is looking for a family that does not want him, without seeing the “real” family right under his nose. He gets powers he can not handle, and in front of him stands a villain who understands the forces even though he did not receive them.  There are two or three ways in which this story can progress, and we’ve all seen dozens of times. Children may be surprised by the film, but most adults will see exactly where it all goes.

The good thing is that it’s time for a DC movie that is not a gloomy cloud of violence and defeat. “Shazam!” Is colorful, fun, and full of soul. Even if it feels kitschy and corny in parts, it is still funny and exciting – with an emphasis on moving. Because funny is not surprising, all the signs after all pointed out that it would be a funny film. “Shazam!” Does not disappoint in this arena, but also surprising with well-written characters, easy to love, easy to identify with them, and exciting to see them cope with the difficulties the film provides. Beyond the fact that the characters are well written, they are also beautifully played.

We recommend!

Will Shazam save DC’s reputation? Shazam movie review
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