The best restaurants in London right now (Top 5)

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All that touring, site seeing  and shopping is bound to make you very hungry! We in Prime list got your back and made this 5 best restaurants in London for you to enjoy! Bon Appetit

  1. 108 Garage

A very atmospheric and stylish restaurant with eccentric decorative touches  108 Garage sets the perfect mood for a nice dinner.  Chis Denney’s, the restaurants chef, menu is very inventive, and the wine list offers a dozen options by the glass to pair with it. The vibe is upscale but relaxed, so it makes it the perfect place to end a perfect day.

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  1. 40 Maltby Street

If you like to pare your dinner with some good wine  you are at the right restaurant, the wines comes  from small-scale producers, and there are numerous options by the glass and eight pages of bottles. The decor’s is DIY a tiny kitchen, home-made tables, and wine festival posters on the walls. There is a blackboard by the bar, listing the menu that changes daily.

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  1. Xi’an Impression

If your heart is set on Chinese try this this small, minimalist and welcoming restaurant. Don’t let the first impression fool you, hand-pulled Chinese noodles are their specialty : pale pappardelle-like ribbons in, for vegetarians, a deep, umami-rich sauce of soybean paste and zinging Sichuan peppercorns; And if you are looking for the perfect side try the garlic and ginger Chinese greens.

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  1. Mangal 2

Mangal 2 is famous for it’s  excellent Turkish food  grilled chicken, lamb, and quail kebabs, pickled chillies and a classic grilled onion, sumac and pomegranate molasses salad. There are a lot of Turkish options in London but  Mangal 2 will always be a London institution.

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  1. Sumosan Twiga

Did you ever had a craving for Italian and Japanese food at the same time? The destination to go to for  this delicious combo is Sumosan Tiwga. Set in Knightsbridge the restaurant offers an Italian and a Japanese menu with a restaurant on the first floor and a cocktail bar on the second.  Try the California rolls, Smoked eel and the ‘Black Miso Cod’ from the Japanese menu.

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The best restaurants in London right now (Top 5)
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