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In many ways, New York is the most fascinating city in the world, and as such, there is an infinite number of things to do.  New York never sleeps and whether you’re traveling in the summer, winter, during the holidays or Christmas – there are always innumerable attractions, new places to experience and old places that are nice to see again. With sites such as Broadway, Central Park, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, it is not hard to understand why in the last five years the number of New York visitors has been more than 50 million – and New York still does not stop renewing. Here are our recommended and not obvious attractions in the Big Apple.

The galleries of Chelsea

If you come from the High Lane promenade in West Chelsea on the streets of 26-21, you will find dozens of galleries in the trendy area of New York art. The galleries, which offer a contemporary art experience, show impressive works in photography, painting, art on mirrors in various techniques, pop art with contemporary touches, combinations of techniques on canvas and more. We don’t want to recommend specific galleries, since they are many, just go from gallery to gallery, enjoy the art,  absorb as much cultural experience as possible. This is a good way to enjoy contemporary art without straining the pocket since the entrance to the galleries is free. Recommended and worth a visit.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea’s market is in a building more than 100 years old and it is a symbol of New York. The market is full of food stalls and is considered one of the city’s best food breakers. You will find restaurants in different styles, bakeries and fine cafes, colorful cupcakes, wine boutique, seafood, fruits and vegetables, kitchenware stores, fashion shops, and others;

The concrete floor and the uniform design of the place, which combines an industrialized character with a home-style, were suitable for the preservation of the building and its transformation into a cluster of small, modern shops. The atmosphere is warm, inviting and very chic. The aromas of coffee, bakeries, and restaurants make you stop by every shop and next to each stall. Near to one of the entrances, the history of the market is described in pictures and explanations, and this is definitely the most recommended place to go shopping for raw materials.

High Line Promenade

In a brilliant move the infrastructure of the high-altitude railway system, which runs parallel to the tenth avenue in the city, became a public park about 1.6 kilometers long.  The High Line Park overlooks the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. In the promenade, you will be able to meet species of invading plants, birds, rodents and more. Even if the weather is cool, it’s worth putting on a warm coat and comfortable shoes and enjoying a winter walk along the interesting Highland Park.

The promenade starts south of 14th and continues until 34th Street,  on one side it overlooks the Hudson, and on the other – on buildings and streets in the neighborhood, which have been renovated without distinction. Wooden benches that look simple and very clean are placed along the length of the stairs, alongside natural wood-colored steps with wooden chairs. A small amphitheater, just above the busy road, allows a glimpse through the glass on the road for photographic purposes, and small street performances are displayed there.

Ground Zero Museum and 9/11 National Monument

On 11 September 2011, the National Monument was dedicated to the September 11 attacks, and the museum was dedicated in May 2014. The monument, which is located in the World Trade Center complex, was designed by architect Michael Arad after winning a competition.  “Two pools are located on the sites where the Twin Towers stood, with waterfalls surrounded by walls, In the water, of all the casualties in the attacks that took place that day in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington.

Surrounding the ponds are more than 400 oak trees which are forming a small forest together, but their arrangement is not random. The first ring of trees is 212 feet from side to side (about 65 meters), as the towers. Under the monument is a museum with a historical display and a memorial display, including physical remains from the World Trade Center. The monument can be reached freely, but if you plan to visit the museum, you may want to book tickets in advance,

Food tours in Brooklyn

Despite the fact that there are many restaurants decorated with Michelin stars in New York, many insist on presenting Brooklyn as the food culture center of New York – and the truth is that they are right. You can not deny that the Brooklyn dining scene is amazing, from the taco shops, through old Polish places to trendy new cafes in Williamsburg. Half a day tour will take you through all these places, including the Dumbo neighborhood where you can enjoy sweets from the famous Jacques Chocolate Tours factory. The tour begins in the West Village on an air-conditioned bus.

Sex and the Big Apple

If you’re looking for some romance and spice in New York, we recommend starting a couples visit at Loed Boathouse in Central Park, a real paradise for romantics. The lake, located in the middle of the park on 72nd Street, offers gondolas with sailing or pedal boats for sailing on the magical lake. From your position on the boat, you can choose to look at the charming apartments along Central Park, including the apartments of the Dakota building, home to one of the most loving couples in recent history – John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

If everything goes well and you are ready for the next step, exit the park and start walking east, we suggest to stop at one of the hotdogs stands  for a romantic New York kind of experience. When you reach Fifth Avenue, take a 5M bus and drive south on 27th Street. Now it’s time for something a bit more provocative – a quick tour of MoSex – the sex museum.



PS1 is the young and brazen extension of the Modern Design Museum (MOMA) and is located in an old school building in Long Island City. The branch focuses exclusively on modern art and on innovative and experiential exhibitions, bordering on subversion. The structure of the spur is fascinating in its own way and includes many dark staircases that seem to have been taken from a horror movie, a dark basement with old heating, a roof garden, and an interesting school-designed restaurant.

The equally impassioned New Museum is located in South Manhattan in the Soho district. The eight-story building was designed by Japanese architects and looked like a heap of dice that seemed to have been placed loosely on top of each other. However, the floors were designed to allow open and flexible galleries on each floor. Here to exhibits of contemporary art from the United States and the world are exhibited.

Dylan’s Candy Store

Right on 60th Street on Third Avenue is Dylan’s Candy Bar – the place that makes every child happy but even the older ones can not help but smile with happiness or at least curiosity when they enter this sweet hall. Dylan’s owned by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of Ralph Lauren, who decided to combine the worlds of fashion and pop culture with the world of sweets.  Dylan’s design, which looks like a modern version of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  is inspired by the world of sweets. A giant tree made of candy, chocolate-like shelves and candy wallpaper are only a small part of the scenery that changes every season and holiday, so mini-sweets and packages are designed in limited editions. There is also a cafe, a wall of transparent boxes where the sweets selected celebrities and clothes, accessories and household items that are also candy-like.




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