A comedy with a twist,”Instant family” movie review


Director Sean Anderson is known in Hollywood as one of the successful comedy directors. He directed  “Sex Drive”, “Horrible bosses  2”, “That’s my boy” with Adam Sandler and “We are the Millers”.

On the surface, “Instant Family” may seem like another light comedy, but this time it’s something a little different. This is Anders’ most personal film, since it is based on his life story, after he and his wife decided 13 years ago to foster three biological brothers as foster family and finally adopted them.  Yes, it’s still a fairly realistic Hollywood film, with quite a few moments of  rather childish slapstick snowballs, but unlike Anders’ previous films, it has a big heart throbbing at its center and also a few dramatic moments that reflect reality more realistically than any of its previous films.

The film begins when Pete and Ellie (Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne), a couple in it’s early 40s who make a living renovating apartments, talk about the fact that they have not brought children so far. “I do not want to be one of those older fathers,” said Pete, laughing to his wife and taking her words seriously and starting to look at adoption options.

At the adoption fair, Pitt and Eli note that the teens are completely on the sidelines and no one talks to them, since parents want to adopt only small children. They meet Lizzie (the rising talent Isabella Munner), a 16-year-old Hispanic girl, who charms them, but then they discover  that she is  a package deal with two other small brothers – a boy and a girl aged 6 and 7.

Most of the plot follows the encounter between the parents who were never prepared for it and the children who wandered among foster families, and whose biological mother, who has been addicted to drugs for years, has not been in touch with them. Of course, this is a roller coaster of ups and downs, when parents are not always sure they made the right decision, especially when it comes to dealing with a girl who has never really felt loved. “Instant family” bounces between moments of humor to more complex moments, and even if this transition is not always successful, It is still very touching.

“Instant family”  works throughout its length and especially carries a very important message about the acceptance and recognition of children from foster families and thus its main goal is achieved with great success.

A comedy with a twist,”Instant family” movie review
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