Hungry? We find the top 10 best hamburger chains in the world for 2020-2021

Best hamburger | Best burger | Gourmet burger Did you know that Americans eat approximately 50 billion burgers every year? So just imagine the numbers around the world. From fast food chains such as McDonald’s to fancy restaurants like Fudruckers, there are plenty places to get a tasty burger around the globe. So we chose some of the best and successful hamburger chains in the world and rate...

The patisseries you must visit in Paris

Best food in Paris | Best patisseries in Paris | What to do in Paris

Best restaurants in Phuket Thailand 2018/19

Restaurants in Phuket | The best Restaurants in Phuket So now that you are on a vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world you will surely want to indulge in a good meal with the sounds of the sea around, THE PRIME LIST presents you the best restaurants in Phuket Thailand 2018/19 1. Blue Elephant Restaurant Blue Elephant Phuket is part of a worldwide chain of restaurants. The restau...

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