The patisseries you must visit in Paris

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The Parisian patisserie world is making an astonishing  back to life as a new generation of bakers taking it to a hole new level by  making sweets and cakes which are mini masterpieces that are almost to pretty to eat.So while in Paris forget fashion and designer boutiques, some of the trending shops in Paris are the amazing pâtisseries.

Here’s The prime list  top 5 selections of the patisseries you absolutely have to visit!

1. Des gâteaux et du pain

In four words: exquisite cakes and pastries.

The long and imposing black shop front matches very well with the chic building it is located in.  In the middle of the room lies a long display case that has all the  amazing pastry on show. The mini-kouglof (€2.40) glistens in a thousand lights with its crystallized sugar icing. To taste, it’s as soft as a pillow and the smell tickles your nose like a buttered butterfly.Downstairs, you will find dozen desserts with seasonal fruits (which should be noted as being quite rare in Parisian pastries).


2. Pâtisserie Yann Couvreur

This  “neighbourhood” pâtisserie  is serving cakes worthy of royalty.

This  pâtisserie is owened by a rising star of the pastry world,  Yann Couvreur. With an immense window looking out onto the street, plants and exposed brick walls, the place is chic yet sober, leaving the pastries to do the talking. It’s the sort of place you can settle comfortably for a coffee, fresh orange juice and Viennoiserie (€9) or enjoy cakes you might imagine on Marie Antoinette’s afternoon tea table.

Every day, Couvreur serves up three pastry ‘specials’, like a Madagascan vanilla millefeuille or creamy meringue pavlova topped with red fruits. Be quick about it though, he only makes fifty per day of each, which you can devour at the standing counters. Look out for seasonal pastries in the window too, such as fraisiers and éclairs.

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3.L’Eclair de génie

Are you addicted to eclair like us? This place is for you!

Here you can find eclairs iv a variety  of seasonal flavors.This shop lives up to its own name: the ‘genius éclair’ really does reinvent the classic French patisserie to perfection. You can find  éclairs with everything from mascarpone cream flavoured with Andulasian wild strawberries to passion fruit and fresh raspberries.It is a bit pricey ; from €5 to €7 per piece,  so a box can add up quite quickly. But you’ll be back even so, the chef reinvents his recipes for each season. The most popular flavors, according to the staff, are available year round: passion fruit and strawberry, or salted butter caramel.

4.Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé is a well known pastry chef, and we find that it is a privilege to visit his patisserie.  Pierre Hermé produces luxurious and whimsical creations that impress the eye as well as the taste buds. He is perhaps best-known for his macaroons, but we recommend to try traditional confections, such as the vanilla flan (€5) and his outstanding croissant and pain au chocolat. The chic boutique on rue de Bonaparte can feel intimidating, but the staff are, actually , quite  welcoming and helpful.

5.Sadaharu Aoki

Having trained in the art of pastry making both in Japan and in France, Sadaharu Aoki was is a master in fusing the two worlds, incorporating  Japanese ingredients into French confections – a green tea opéra, a black sesame eclair, an acidulated yuzu tartlet – and applying the Japanese style to the presentation and packaging. But don’t be mistaken Aoki is just as good with  French classics, just try his caramel tart, or his chubby chou à la crème (cream puff).

The patisseries you must visit in Paris
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