Reliable and spectacular ,Aquaman the movie review


First of all we have to say- you must watch the movie on the biggest screen you can find! Yes you do! Considering that no one ever really tried to make a film that was mostly underwater, James Van managed to build a reliable and spectacular world that you just had to see on the big screen.

Do not wait for the streaming, do not wait for Netflix, do not wait for Blue Rey, watch a movie at the cinema because otherwise you will feel missed! There are not many movies you can really say that about them, but this one totally is!

Let’s talk about the plot? It is quite predictable If you saw a superhero movie or two you will be able to understand very quickly there the movie is going. But this movie is not about the story, but about the experience.

In many ways the movie reminds us a fantasy film with strange creatures, action and the plot that moves between funny and exciting.

Jason is a great hero and a great actor, Amber Heard is a nice touch and Patrick Wilson as the “Ruler of the Ocean” gives a very good performance as a villain with clear motivation and nuances in his performance. Is there any conection to the rest of the universe series? Beyond the fact that the film actually takes place after the film “Justice League”, there is no connection or reference to the other heroes, and since most of the film takes place underwater – it makes sense.

For conclusion I really enjoyed the movie, it’s impressive and ambitious, and it’s definitely a real experience in the cinema.


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  1. its fantastic as your other posts : D, appreciate it for putting up.


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