10 Games that any Sony Playstation owner must have at 2019


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This days Sony celebrates the release of it’s PlayStation console 5 years ago. So it is a great reason to make a list of games that any PlayStation owner must have in his collection!


10. Resident Evil

After the disappointment we experienced in the sixth episode of Resident Evil, which abandoned the horror aspect, the series took a different turn for the first time when it switched to first person. The whole game is played throw your eyes, and the brave ones will also have the option to play VR!

In the seventh title of the series, you will play the role of Ethan Mars, a reporter who went looking for his fiancée, who had been missing for  several years, and the adventure was no less than a roller coaster of fear.

9. Mortal Combat X

The popular  battle game came to our lives for the tenth time, and with a great story. There the most interesting crossovers we could ask for, which includes the Alien, the Predator, Jason (Friday the 13th), Freddy Kruger and more. With such a superb battle system there is no reason not to jump into battle.

8. Assassin Creed

Another game of Assassin Creed … but this time it takes the series to a different angle, and even refreshing for a change. It takes us to ancient Egypt, where we embody Bayek, who sets out on a revenge journey.

However, the biggest change here is that the game has become RPG,  and brought an advanced, fun battle system that allows you to change the character’s status, buy different abilities and match the character to your game style.

7. Grand Theft auto V

The most popular adventure action game in the world has already reached over 100 million copies. And after five years, the game still gets updates and additions. Buy the way this is the first game in the GTA series that you can control three characters in a story at the same time.

The game is packed with content that will keep you glued to the couch. This is simply a must-have game for every Playstation 4 owner.

6. The last of us rematered

Naughty Dog masterpiece was released landed towards the end of the PS3’s life, and eventually made its way to the PlayStation 4 in an amazing remaster version. If you have not yet experienced it, the game has an amazing post-apocalyptic world that brings us a spectacular and exciting adventure. The Remaster version is the perfect opportunity for you to complete gaps, before the second part of the series arrives.


Naughty Dog has experienced quite a few difficulties during the development of the last game in the Uncharted series (the writer and part of the team left), and had to seek help from the development team of The Last of Us, and the result: no less amazing!

4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The popular series of Hideo Kojima came to an end with his dismissal from KJP FOREVER, and he managed to get us a farewell letter for the series in the best way possible, from the open world, the endless possibilities to finish tasks, the characters and basically everything we wanted from Metal Gear Solid. It is only a shame that mission 51 will not be seen in light of the conflict that was caused in the company between Kojima and Konami.

3.Horizon Zero Dawn

From the moment the game came out we fell in love with Alloi, the main character in the adventure game, trying to find out who her mother was and why the world was dominated by machines and tribes. A whole new story that will bring you countless hours of enjoyment.

2. Bloodborn

The little brother of the series “Dark Souls”, released  exclusivelyfor the Playstation 4, and here you are going to die, and a lot. With such a dark and gimmicky atmosphere that will take you to the couch for a long time.

1. God of war

The game we did not think would come back in this way made a crazy comeback to the Playstation 4, and shows us a different twist in the plot and the gameplay. This time, too, we play the tough and “lacking” feelings of Kraitos, but this time the BOY accompanies him (Beno Atreus), and together they come to Norse mythology with a sweeping and breathtaking adventure. When the game came out he smashed all expectations despite the great hype, and managed to impress the whole world of games thanks to a deep story, dynamic and interesting figures, and a diverse gameplay that reflects the story with a twist that we really do not know how they managed not to spoil the trailers!

10 Games that any Sony Playstation owner must have at 2019
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